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quarta-feira, 25 de abril de 2018



The Antagonist¨country house in Atibaia (São Paulo), the acquisition of land for the Lula Institute and a speaker fee of R$ ... 
save Brazil 24.04.18 17:03 The Second Panel of the STF decided to send to the Federal Court of São Paulo the terms of Odebrecht's award-winning collaboration on onlending on the renovation of the Atibaia site. Dias Toffoli, Ricardo Lewandowski and Gilmar Mendes accepted the request of the defense of Lula and understood that there is no relation with Lava Jato. Edson Fachin and Celso de Mello voted to maintain the terms of the agreement with Sérgio Moro. The divergence was opened by Toffoli. "Although the MPF may have well-founded suspicions that the alleged payments would have originated in frauds at Petrobras, there is no proof of such liens in the records," said the former PT lawyer.

It is a coup in the lawsuit against Lula. But everything indicates that the criminal action against the PT will continue with Moro.
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    1. JAGUNÇO QUEEN said:
       April 24, 2018 at 22:29
       By the composition of the second class, you were waiting for what ???????
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If Gilmar Mendes's maneuvers to reduce Lula's penalty, ruling out the money-laundering crime, the next step will be to claim that the crime for which he was convicted has already been prescribed. Gilmar Mendes has to be restrained. 


On twitter General Villas Boas posts message repudiating impunity in Brazil 

#Under The Hermon Dew ( Psalm 133)  Coalition Proposition by–  Dr. Felipe Marcelo Gimenez (Attorney Mato Grosso do Sul (MS) State , activist of the Movement “Chega de Impostos” Moviment av, founder of the Brazilian Homeland Association) inspired by  David  would be named  # Coalition of Brazilina Organized Groups  # Hermon-David-Ítalo-Brasileiro-21 of April 2018.• 
#The Fight for the Vote of the Paper Vote
•#Court injunction protocoled   in the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court to have the right to contest the Presidency of the Republic without the need for nomination by political parties.


The Supreme Federal Court, being the last instance of the judiciary competent to pronounce the Law, may, in an unprecedented manner, grant an Order for Injunction to contest a presidential election as an independent candidate. Thomas Korantai is the name of the candidate. Made the protocol in the STF, the original instance for receiving and judging the request and awaits, soon enough, a statement from the Ministers. These, identifying the legitimacy and the possibility with jurisprudential understanding, in a way favorable to the TK candidate may grant the request and may thus begin a new political era, in which serious and committed candidates with Brazil and Brazilians will no longer need to submit to the electoral chicanas of parties that only represent themselves. TK wants to represent Brazil and its people.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The legitimate and constitutional struggle for voting
 back on paper

Alerta Total Edition

By Jorge Serrão -

The electoral process of 2018 promises great news. And it may be the emergence of a new policy in the national scenario with the so-called barrier break. One of them was that the citizen Thomas Korontai, defender and scholar of Federalism, entered with a Court Injunction in the Federal Supreme Court to have the right to dispute the Presidency of the Republic without necessity of indication by political parties.

The fight for the independent candidacy will have to be evaluated, initially, by the rapporteur of the minister Ricardo Lewandowski. Where is it written that it is only legitimate to run for office with the charter of political parties? Why should we submit our freedom of choice to the dictatorship of a majority of vote-huntinglike legends (Brazilian Parties) every two years? The Brazilian Federal Constitution is not rigid. It can and should be interpreted with a view to the well-being of Brazil.

It is unacceptable and ragged that our very modern electronic voting system does not allow us to register as many and independent candidates as possible. If the system is pointed out by the burly and scoundrel hooliganism as the fastest, safest and most efficient in the world, why does it restrict free electoral competition? Why does it help sustain the financial fascism of party trading houses? One answer would be to attend to a privileged caste that perpetuates in political power. All wrong, Kamaradas ...

Another news is that organized groups in Internet social networks have decided to accelerate the campaign for honest voting. The main measure proposed to ensure smoothness in the process of choosing the Representative for the Executive and Legislative is the return to the ballot system with a human recount, as it happens in several First World countries. A significant portion of the Brazilian population questions the honesty of an electronic voting mechanism that does not allow for recount of votes because it does not even allow the impression of the vote for total or at least sampled conference.

The majority of thinking and non-idiot Brazilians completely refuse to accept the dogma imposed by the Supreme Electoral Court on the absolute reliability of electronic ballot boxes and the computerized voting system. A number of accusations - never adequately investigated by the so-called "Electoral Justice" (which is neither nor should be a judicial body, but only a mere administrative body) feed into an objective mistrust in the election result. We must not let the mechanisms of power control us.

In fact, the speedy and fast-track voting scheme only helps legitimize, with unnecessary haste, the choice of representatives (supposedly of the people, but rather operators and spokespersons of the Institutionalized Crime system that controls Brazil). Why run so much in the totalization of the vote, if the elect will not immediately take office in office? If the rush is not the enemy of the election, at the very least she is hasty and suspicious in a scheme that does not allow recount of votes by printed conference.

The militants in favor of the vote in paper ballot reject the haste. Nor do they tolerate slowness. They only accept a voting model that ensures basic honesty. You can not be conniving with a mechanism in which you know who you voted for, but only the system operator is absolutely sure who got your vote. Any Zé Ruela knows and has objective evidence that there are frauds of all kinds in Brazil of Systemic Corruption.

Thus, to believe innocently in the smoothness of voting and electronic totalization is the same as betting that you will be rich in the Al Capone Casino. Citizens of good and good have tired of tolerating criminal action by interfering with society's day-to-day lives. In the current model, if the vote is a "citizen's gun" - as some claim with a full mouth - we are taking a lot of electronic shot from behind. And we still have to put up with the massacre "#vempraurna" propaganda propaganda ... The true invitation would be #vemprafraude.

The voting machine without conference by impression is a genial discovery of the regime of the Institutionalized Crime. The tool collaborates with a passive majority of voters. A large part of the electorate will only vote because it is obliged (a democratic aberration and one that violates individual freedom, a fundamental right of the human being). Another large number of voters will only give the electronic fingerprint in exchange for some personal advantage and often because it is taking a basic tip to vote for some bandit candidate.

In the short term, the cheapest and most effective way out is to return to the voting model on ballot paper ballot. It does not matter that this seems a "retrogression to modernity". The key is transparency, especially in the Age of Smartphones - instruments that, well used, do well to build and consolidate a Democratic regime - in which it is desired to practice full Legal, Institutional and Individual Security. Ballot Paper voting system will be the only possible legal solution, even more so that the "Superior Electoral Court" will not have enough time to install more than 600 thousand voting machines, as required by law.

The struggle to vote on paper and the right to be a candidate without paying or asking for parties are the most important causes we have to sponsor in 2018. Is not it enough that we have to put up with both a liar candidate in the hunt for an accommodated electorate? How about promoting "Electoral Intervention"? Re-elect anyone and demand the recount of vote - which is only possible with the physical, paper ballot, printed before or sovereign act of the vote ...

Stealing the wise words of free thinker Carlos Maurício Mantiqueira (who writes down here every day): Vote on paper is what matters now. The rest is soft talk to sleeping ox, or to fool unsuspecting voters. Even because, Crime is ready to elect and re-elect its representatives ... Anyone who does not react will crawl ...

On April 21, at the II Congress of the Movimento Avança Brasil, in São Paulo, we met many fighters by the Voto Honest regime. Briefly, this Total Alert will publish their ideas and theirs ...

What confinement was that?

The television legend says that the participant of the Big Brother Brazil of Rede Globo is confined in that famous house, without any contact with the outside world.

Exactly because of this supposed isolation, the Chatuba Negão found it very strange that the winner of BBB-16, the brunette acreage Gleici, had shouted "Lula, Livre", the moment he left the "captivity" television directed by Boninho jailer.

Negão asks: Could the PT girl be a psychic? How did she know that companion Lula was in prison, if when he entered the house he had not yet been arrested and stayed in the Republic of Curitiba?

In time…

To finish, a memory. Today is Discovery Day (Brazil) ... We need to rediscover and reinvent it, urgently ...

Prision for Lula - and for all ...

Whether you have not yet seen Tico, Teco, Toco and Loco, watch the Three Neurons. The next program promises a great homage.

Reread the Sabbath article: The reckless version of Tiradentes

Life that follows ... Ave atque Vale! Stay with God. Nekan Adonai!

“Alerta Total” has the mission of practicing an independent, analytical and provocative journalism of new human values, through political and strategic analysis, with creative knowledge, reliable information and objective truth. Jorge Serrão is a Journalist, Radialist, Publicity Officer and Professor. Editor-in-chief of the Total Alert blog: Specialist in Politics, Economics, Public Administration and Strategic Affairs.
The transcription or copy of the texts published in this blog is free. In the name of democratic ethics, we ask that the origin and the original date of the publication be identified. Nothing costs a warning about free publication, for our simple knowledge.

© Jorge Serrão. Blog Edition Alert Total of April 22, 2018.
Jorge Serrão at 09:03:00

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Offices "Sampaio e Tavares Advocacia e Consultoria" and "Rocha, Marinho e Sales" would be linked by means of operating behind a particular type naive person offering to represent another in an illegal activity "straw" man (in portuguese “laranjas”)

The Federal Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF), through the Deputy Attorney General, Luciano Mariz Maia, offered the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) a crime against the Sérgia Maria Mendonça Miranda district attorney for fraud involving the failed bankruptcy of Simcol (building company undergoing bankruptcy).

She dispatched an injunction and wrongly ordered (in one of her shifts) the payment of a check in the amount of one million, one hundred and nineteen thousand, nine hundred and thirty-two reais and one centavo to the office "Sampaio e Tavares Advocacia e Consultoria", which, at the time, in May 2013, had provided legal services to the company.
In addition to Sérgia, Frankraley Oliveira Gomes - boyfriend of the judge at the time -, Paulo Fernando Mendonça and Claudia Adrienne Sampaio de Oliveira are enrolled.
Check out excerpt from MPF complaint.
Orange Partnership
SIMCOL would also have been harmed, in a criminal manner, through another injunction of the same adjudicator. The company was forced to pay very high amounts (over R $ 1 million) to the law firm "Rocha, Marinho e Sales", owned by attorney Caio Asfor.

The payment was made by means of an "orange" connected to the "Sampaio, Tavares Advocacia e Consultoria" office.

The denunciation was sent to the Minister of STJ, Herman Benjamin, by the businessman Gilberto Martins Borges, majority partner and representative of the bankrupt company.

Part of the document of Gilberto Borges below.


O Antagonista

salvar Brasil 24.04.18 17:03 Continue lendo sua newsletter    

A Segunda Turma do STF decidiu enviar para a Justiça Federal de São Paulo os termos da colaboração premiada da Odebrecht sobre repasses de propina para a reforma do sítio de Atibaia.
Dias Toffoli, Ricardo Lewandowski e Gilmar Mendes acataram o pedido da defesa de Lula e entenderam que não há relação com a Lava Jato. Edson Fachin e Celso de Mello votaram pela manutenção dos termos da delação com Sérgio Moro.
A divergência foi aberta por Toffoli. “Ainda que o MPF possa ter suspeitas fundadas de que os supostos pagamentos teriam origem em fraudes na Petrobras, não há demonstração desse liame nos autos”, disse o ex-advogado do PT.

É um golpe no processo contra Lula. Mas tudo indica que a ação penal contra o petista vai continuar com Moro.
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    1. JAGUNÇO RAINHA disse: 
       24 de Abril de 2018 às 22:29 
       Pela composição da segunda turma, vocês estavam esperando o quê ???????
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O novo golpe lulista
salvar Brasil 24.04.18 14:02    

Se der certo o golpe de Gilmar Mendes de reduzir a pena de Lula, descartando o crime de lavagem de dinheiro, o passo sucessivo será alegar que o crime pelo qual ele foi condenado já prescreveu.
Gilmar Mendes tem de ser contido.


No twitter General Villas Boas posta mensagem repudiando a impunidade no Brasil
    • Posted on 3 de Abril de 2018
    • 1 minute read

Sem citar o julgamento do HC do Lula, nem as manifestações de ruas em todo o País, Genereal Villas  Boas Comandante do Exercito Brasileiro, questiona quem estaria defendendo interesses pessoais em detrimento do bem do País.
Confira o post:


MPF denuncia Sérgia Miranda por fraude na Simcol e deve investigar Caio Asfor
Novembro 27, 2017 Walter Bardawil

Escritórios “Sampaio e Tavares Advocacia e Consultoria” e “Rocha, Marinho e Sales” estariam ligados por meio de laranjas
O Ministério Público Federal (MPF), através do vice-procurador-geral da República, Luciano Mariz Maia, ofereceu ao Superior Tribunal de Justiça (STJ) denúncia crime contra a desembargadora cearense Sérgia Maria Mendonça Miranda por fraude envolvendo a massa falida da Simcol.
Ela despachou liminar e ordenou, indevidamente (em um de seus plantões), o pagamento de cheque no valor de R$ 1.119.932,01 (hum milhão, cento e dezenove mil, novecentos e trinta e dois reais e um centavo) ao escritório “Sampaio e Tavares Advocacia e Consultoria”, que, na época, em maio de 2013, havia prestado serviços advocatícios à empresa.
Além de Sérgia, estão enrolados Frankraley Oliveira Gomes – namorado da desembargadora à época -, Paulo Fernando Mendonça e Cláudia Adrienne Sampaio de Oliveira.
Confira trecho da denúncia do MPF

Parceria Laranja
A SIMCOL teria sido também prejudicada, de forma criminosa, através de outra liminar  da mesma desembargadora. A empresa foi forçada a efetuar o pagamento  de valores altíssimos (superiores a R$ 1 milhão) ao escritório de advocacia “Rocha, Marinho e Sales”, pertencente ao advogado Caio Asfor. 
O pagamento se deu por meio de um “laranja” ligado ao escritório “Sampaio, Tavares Advocacia e Consultoria”.  
A denúncia  foi encaminhada ao ministro do STJ, Herman Benjamin, pelo empresário Gilberto Martins Borges, sócio majoritário e representante da empresa falida.
Documento de Gilberto Borges


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